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Julia Greer Photography creates timeless portraits. Unlike many studios, I shoot primarily on location... in your own home or a scenic outdoor setting. My style includes both traditional, classic portraiture, as well as photojournalistic-style photography. What does this mean?

Imagine seeing portraits of your family taken by a photojournalist, not a studio photographer. You would see your family as they really are… laughing, interacting, being themselves… you might see the image of your husband tenderly kissing his little girl’s forehead, or even a shocking moment in which your two little boys stop fighting momentarily for a brotherly hug.

These are the moments I capture with my camera. What you will NOT see in your portrait is the frozen grin and stiff posing associated with many mass-market studios. I can spot the difference between a genuine, spontaneous smile and a “say cheese” one a mile away. I’ll bet you can too.

That is why I take time to bond with those I’m photographing... to get to know them and to get them to relax and start being themselves. Whether you prefer a more traditional, posed portrait, or natural, editorial-style images, Julia Greer Photography will give you portraits that beautifully capture the real person... portraits that make you smile and say, “That’s so them.

About the Photographer
Julia is a professional portrait photographer in northwest metro Atlanta, Georgia. She specializes in infants, children, and families, and prefers the personal environment of on-location portraiture. Julia has a background in the fine arts, having studied oil painting and graphic design, and she brings that artistic eye into her portrait work. Before she became a professional photographer, Julia was the vice president of a marketing consulting firm.

After having lived in Louisiana; Boston, Massachusetts; and England, Julia made Georgia her permanent home in 1998. She lives in Acworth, Georgia with her husband and their four-footed, furry daughter, Dixon. Julia holds an honors Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University and an MBA, and received her photography training from Emory University and the New York Institute of Photography.